Églantine Petit invited to the 84th Sponsorship Thursday at INHA

Églantine Petit, founder of the Prix du Patrimoine Naturel (Natural Heritage Prize) and board member of the Fondation Etrillard, was invited to speak at the 84th Sponsorship Thursday, organized by the French Ministry of Culture, on Thursday May 30, 2024

This morning of meetings and debates held at the Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art focused on the theme of "Growing our garden", and first addressed the conservation of heritage gardens in response to sustainable development challenges, followed by the creation turned to the living.

In this latter part, Églantine Petit presented the Natural Heritage Prize, an award created 4 years ago by the Fondation Etrillard on her initiative. The prize defends the idea that nature, like art or architecture, is an integral part of our cultural heritage, which must be protected, enriched and passed on. Those involved in ecology and landscape, as creators of solutions for the living, are thus highlighted and supported by the Prize.

She spoke about recent developments and the risks taken by the Prize, as well as the relevance of combining in-kind sponsorship with skills-based sponsorship, not forgetting to illustrate the nature/culture issue through the concrete examples of our prize-winners.

The discussions with Karima Alaoui from the Parc et Grande Halle de la Villette, Anne-Claire Duprat from the Fondation d'entreprise Martell, Constance Louvet from Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles, Gabrielle Jequece from the Groupe Caisse des Dépôts and Claire Graeffly from the International Centre for Art and Landscape were particularly enriching for the participants.

The program is available here. The audio podcast of the meeting will be available soon.