Restoration of the organs at Bordeaux Cathedral
2024 - 2026

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An instrument that spans the centuries

Like the building that houses it, the history of the organs in Bordeaux's Saint-André cathedral goes back many centuries. Mention is made of an organ as far back as the early 14th century. Since then, several instruments have been built almost without interruption, right up to the present day. The current organ was built in the 1970s in an imposing 18th-century case, one of the largest in France. The instrument, which provided a rich musical life for almost 40 years, has suffered from a number of construction and maintenance problems ever since it was installed in the cathedral.

Un instrument qui traverse les siècles

Concert at Bordeaux Cathedrale

Restoration carried out by the Association Cathedra

The organ will be completely rebuilt as part of the building's cultural revival, and as the culmination of its interior restoration. Its splendour will be restored thanks to the work of the Association Cathedra, which has become one of the main cultural players in the Bordeaux area.

Excellence, high standards, quality acoustics and materials, creativity and innovation will be the watchwords of this project.

The Fondation Etrillard is delighted to be contributing, alongside the French government, local authorities, and other sponsors, to this major project, worth a total of over €3 million. The work, which will take 3 years to complete, will be launched in winter 2024, at the same time as the interior restoration of the cathedral's nave. The Foundation will also be supporting the Bordeaux Cathedral music season.

Une restauration menée par l’association Cathedra

Concert at Bordeaux Cathedrale

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