Landscape prize for ecological heritage: Prix du patrimoine paysager et écologique

Ecological and Natural Landscape Heritage Prize 2023

Established in 2020, the Prize supports the rehabilitation of public or private natural areas, in France and Switzerland. Beyond the preservation of the environment, the aim is to breathe new life into remarkable sites to raise the general public’s awareness on the importance of biodiversity, the wealth of natural heritage and thus, the necessity of its protection.
The Prize is open to French and Swiss applications from public or private owners of a naturally landscaped area in rural or urban zones that are open to visitors. Projects may concern a garden, park, forest or agricultural land rehabilitation, presenting a landscaped and ecological value and an active commitment.
The Prize is awarded to a winner following an assessment of the technical and patrimonial aspects by the Foundation, its partners and an annual jury composed of respected experts in environmental protection. The prize is worth CHF 30,000.



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