The founder of the Prix du Patrimoine Naturel is a guest on the "Jobs of the Future" podcast

"Transmission is at the heart of the sponsorship approach".

On 29 November, Eglantine Petit, entrepreneur, member of the Board of the Fondation Etrillard and founder of the Prix du Patrimoine Naturel, was Isabelle Rouhan's guest on her podcast "Les métiers du futur" ("Jobs of the Future").

In this interview, Eglantine Petit talks about the future of philanthropy and the example of the Fondation Etrillard, which aims to act as a bridge between past and future, nature and culture, and between individuals. She explains the awards created by the Foundation, such as the Prix du Patrimoine Naturel and the Âmes d'Œuvres craft competition, as well as sponsorship projects such as the partnership between the Lausanne School of Design (ECAL) and the glassmakers of Murano.

A few extracts: "We want to show that [without being] backward-looking or nostalgic, we can learn from yesterday and move forward for tomorrow. (...) We try to take a broad approach to heritage: we can think of art, built heritage, but we also ensure that natural heritage is recognised, that nature is as much a part of preservation and conservation. (...) What we're also trying to do is bring together different businesses, different people, who wouldn't necessarily have spoken to each other without us."

The podcast is available here or below: