The Ecological and Natural Landscape Heritage Prize 2023 is now open for submissions

The Ecological and Natural Landscape Heritage Prize 2023 is now open for submissionsThe Fondation Etrillard seeks to shed light on the relevance of European cultural heritage in today’s world. On that note, in 2023 it will be awarding the “Ecological and Natural Landscape Heritage” Prize for the 3rd year running. Worth CHF 30,000, this prize supports the rehabilitation of public or private natural areas in France and Switzerland alike. Over and above protection of the environment, the aim is to breathe new life into places to raise the general public’s awareness of biodiversity and the wealth of natural heritage. Ambitious and innovative, the projects will have to be designed from a sustainable, ecological and educational management perspective. Applications can be submitted by associations, public institutions or grassroots citizen groups from 17 September 2022 to 28 February 2023 on the Foundation’s website.

Natural areas are just as worthy as castles or artworks of being restored and showcased to the general public. The rehabilitation could concern any type of area (be it aquatic, wooded, a kitchen garden or ornamental garden for example), whether in an urban or rural setting, as long as it demonstrates a genuine societal goal and educational value. Open to the public, the restored site shall organise educational visitor trails and tours for raising younger generations’ awareness of biodiversity and environmental protection. “We would like to support projects whose scope goes beyond ecological rehabilitation alone. Applicants are thus expected to set out their vision of how they will look after the site over the long-term and turn it into a vibrant destination where knowledge is shared and passed on,” explains Églantine Petit, Founder of the Prize and member of the Foundation’s board.

To examine the applications, the Foundation has once again called on Frédérique Tézenas du Montcel, founder of the Jardin-Patrimoine agency, which designs and upgrades historical parks and gardens, as well as the agroecology consultancy firm Terre & Humanisme. The Franco-Swiss jury, made up of respected park & garden conservation and environment experts, will select the winner:

Michaël Berthoud: Environmentalist, consultant and training leader in wild plants

Marie-Laure Burgener: Founder of GreenGoWeb and Social Entrepreneur

Catherine Cibien: Director of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme for France

Antoine Jacobsohn: Deputy Director of the National School of Landscape Architecture (ENSP), in charge of the King’s Kitchen Garden (Château de Versailles)

Claire Méjean: Landscape architect, Garden historian

Clément Willemin: Landscape gardener, urban planner and architect

For this 3rd edition, the Fondation Etrillard intends to broaden its outreach by supporting more fledgling projects but which show just as much promise, through a “special jury prize” which will be awarded, depending on the year, based on the potential of the submissions received. Its aim is also to encourage projects in their startup phase, by lending them structural support. Accordingly, the winner will receive 2 days’ worth of advice and guidance courtesy of Terre & Humanisme, the Foundation’s partner, to expedite their growth.