Opera in studio: presentation of a tapestry from the Foundation in Venice

On 30 May 2024, Palazzo Vendramin Grimani was delighted to welcome Sophie Mouquin, art historian and head of the Fondation Etrillard's collection, who gave a lecture on the 18th-century tapestry ‘The Audience of the Emperor of China’, on loan from the Foundation and exhibited for the first time in Venice. 40 visitors attended this ‘Opera in studio’ (work under study) organised by the Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro, the daughter foundation of the Fondation Etrillard. 

This tapestry by the Manufacture de Beauvais is in dialogue with the works in the Collateral Event of the Arte 2024 Biennial "Per non perdere il filo’. Karine N'guyen Van Tham - Parul Thacker", open to the public until 24 November 2024.

Further information on the exhibition: www.fondazionealberodoro.org