The Fondation Etrillard is proud to associate with the Fondation Martin Bodmer for the first time
2023 - 2026

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Illuminated Treasures of Switzerland

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the national digitization project called “e-codices”, the Fondation Martin Bodmer pays homage to the calligrapher and illuminator craftsmen of the Middle Ages. These artists were masters of depiction and custodians of a heritage, a work that the digital operators are, in a way, preserving and continuing. The Fondation Martin Bodmer has selected the most impressive illuminated manuscripts extracted from its vaults, and from fifteen Swiss libraries.

Trésors enluminés de Suisse

@Fondation Martin Bodmer / Naomi Wenger

Touch table

The Fondation Etrillard is pleased to have financed the development of the touch table for this exhibition Illuminated Treasures of Switzerland (3rd March – 9th July, 2023). It will allow the visitor to leaf through, in high definition, some of the most beautiful manuscripts digitized by e-codices, as well as to participate in a colouring game in the manner of the illuminators of the medieval period.

The Fondation Etrillard will also support the experimental museology laboratory of the EPFL in the digitization and restauration of the Panorama de la Bataille de Morat, a monumental work of art of 1000 m² created by the painter Louis Braun in 1893. The Foundation is thus pursuing its commitment to promoting Switzerland's historical heritage in an innovative way.

Table tactile

@Fondation Martin Bodmer / Naomi Wenger