Organisation de six concerts en résidence pour personnes avec les Concerts du Coeur de Genève

Organisation of six concerts for social residences with the Concerts du Coeur of Geneva

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Les Concerts du Cœur Genevois

The Fondation Etrillard accompanies the Les Concerts du Cœur Genevois association, which aims to bring music to people who do not have access to traditional concert venues, including elderly people, hospitalised patients, prisoners, people with a disability or the socially excluded.

Les Concerts du Cœur Genevois

A cultural mediation programme

In 2022, the Fondation Etrillard is supporting six annual concerts in social medical establishments (EMS) in the Canton of Geneva. The concerts, accompanied by a cultural mediation programme, aim to arouse the curiosity of listeners by interpreting musical works requested by the public and encouraging them to discover a new musical world.

By supporting this project, the Fondation Etrillard furthers its inclusive policy to make music accessible to a wider audience.