Production de la captation d'œuvres de Rita Strohl pour violoncelle et piano par Hermine Horiot

Production of recordings of works by Rita Strohl for cello and piano by Hermine Horiot

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« Titus et Bérénice »

The Fondation Etrillard decided to support cellist Hermine Horiot to showcase a new interpretation of Rita Strohl’s largely unknown work. After meeting pianist Hélène Fouquart, Hermine Horiot immersed herself in the Grande Sonate dramatique - Titus et Bérénice, a monumental work by the Breton composer. The recording of this artistic encounter between two new friends explores the four movements of the sonata, to which they added Solitude also by Rita Strohl, a brief melody for cello and piano and a rare gem that is insufficiently known to the public. Supporting this recording demonstrates the Fondation Etrillard's continued commitment to the contemporary reach of music through video, where the relationship between music and image is key.

A few words from Hermine Horiot and Hélène Fouquart at the end of the project: "Recording Rita Strohl's works was a fabulous musical and human adventure. Recording this powerful, but unjustly unknown music was the backdrop to our new-found friendship. It is a beautiful shared experience gifted by music. This precious moment suspended in time and protected from the outside world could not have existed without the Fondation Etrillard’s support.”


Hermine Horiot & Hélène Fouquart