Création d'un Prix spécial au Concours de Genève

Creation of a special Prize for the Concours de Genève
2022 - 2024

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Promote and support young talents

The Fondation Etrillard supports the Concours de Genève, one of the largest international music competitions founded in 1921. The competition aims to discover, promote and support young talents, providing them with tools to develop their international career.

Promote and support young talents

© Anne Laure Lechat

Special prize « Fondation Etrillard »

The Foundation awards the special Fondation Etrillard Prize created in 2022. This year, the Concours de Genève showcases the piano. The Prize is awarded by the official competition jury to the finalist who presented the most remarkable artistic personal project during the semi-final in Geneva.

Prix spécial « Fondation Etrillard »

©Anne-Laure Lechat

New programme

The Fondation Etrillard is also supporting the establishment of a new programme in the Concours de Genève. Prior to the interpretive competition, candidates can benefit from support, coaching and training to develop their personal artistic project. The richness of their project is decisive in the jury’s selection.

Nouveau programme

By supporting the Concours de Genève, the Fondation Etrillard fosters the education of talented young musicians.