The foundation

The Etrillard Foundation aims to encourage all charity and cultural initiatives which reconcile European tradition and culture with the world of today.

Faced with what is commonly called the accelerated pace of history, the Foundation wants to help, within its means, in Switzerland and in Europe, today’s men and women to avoid becoming orphaned of their past but, on the contrary, to remain under the spell of those truths which may be revealed by deep time trust and the study of former eras, in a world which is fascinated by science, discoveries and breaking new ground.

The Foundation’s donations focus on three main points, without excluding the possibility of entering other fields over the course of time.

  • A collection which is partly open to the public
  • Support for restoration and recreation projects concerning historical places and monuments, either civil or religious, open to the public
  • Helping research programmes and musical events which contribute to promote original musical forms, from the Middle Ages to the present

The Etrillard Foundation has its seat in Geneva and is a foundation organized under Swiss law. In accordance with the wishes of its creator, it is active in the Geneva canton, in Switzerland, and in Europe, mainly in France, Italy and Germany.